SSRI’S and You: That Ain’t Baby Aspirin You Got There Buddy!

by | Dec 28, 2016

Hi! So you found out you suffer from depression, and took action!
Went to the doctor, got your SSRI (anti-depressant) now you feel good,
confident, soon you’ll be back to your old self; whenever you feel bad, just pop that pill, and it’s instant happy place.
Done-sky, right? Sadly, no.
But if you thought you’d be just fine after getting your pills, using them
like extra strength aspirin, without any further treatment plan,
you most assuredly are not alone.
Heck, given the pill popping, pill trusting society we live in, this is an
easy mistake to make.
But depression is a many faceted, morphing challenge, fought moment by moment, at once a personal seven headed hydra, terrible
fire spitting dragon, and for some a sheep skin in which to hide!
To me trusting an SSRI only treatment plan is like trying to defeat tie fighters with

The Deathstar

There are just too many inroads, too many chinks.

You gotta think like

The Hoff


Not all wrong like

The Moff!

Trusting one or two pills a day to cure you is at best faulty logic,
and truthfully can be dangerous to your health.
While not the only consideration with SSRI centered
depression treatment, the effects of this pill popping mindset
are often unforeseen and jarring. So if you are depressed,
and on SSRI, or know someone who is, these 7 tips are just for you.
Take your medication unfailingly, on schedule same time everyday.
2. Get outside once a day. Look up at the sky and breathe in,
feel the wonder of simple wide open sky. Feel blessed.
3. Get 10 minutes of exercise. Walk, play with the dog, or run small circles.
4. Practice gratitude every morning.
5. Pair SSRI’s with a medical treatment program which includes some form of counseling.
6. Track your depression daily. Depression is cyclical, know where in the cycle you are.
7. Have a depression accountability partner in which to confide.
To summarize, SSRI’s are powerful treatments, but most bouts of depression
will require more than a pill. New research indicates if you have
had a depressive episode in the past, you are more likely to do so again.
Commit to track, exercise, and take your medication correctly.
I know it’s difficult but whether you are in an up or down cycle,
start your day by acknowledging you have a treatable illness.
It’s a common mistake to pretend otherwise.
Truth is suffering from depression is much like wearing brown
tinted glasses 24 hours a day.
Everything you touch, feel, see, or hear once it passes through the depression filter, is subject to being twisted,
misjudged or forgotten. Use this knowledge, plan for it when your tracker indicates you may not be at the top of your game.
The good news is, If you are doing your daily tracking,
you’ll know, and be better prepared.
And as GI Joe says knowing is half the battle, right?
If you found this article valuable, I ask you to share it to your one friend who best will use it.
Help me bring depression from the shadows, see it’s power wither under the light of understanding and frequent, clear communication.
Thank you for reading.
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