How I learned to stop wantrepreneuring and love the bomb

by | Dec 28, 2016

Like many others I found myself convicted after reading Tim Ferriss’s FHWW. It was like that day when I was sitting in the pew,
hungover, and preacher started
listing the perils of coming to church drunk!
What? I almost dropped the bottle! How did he know???
As I closed Tim Ferriss’ book it was as if he had
reached inside me and flipped a switch.
Suddly it dawned on me. Up until that point I’d been
a useless goof off slacker total waste of life!
I resolved to get to entrepreneuring as soon as possible.
Now years later, though I’ve been fortunate to publish two books including a self help book on how to recognize, and break the hold of depression, until recently, my journey on the entrepreneurial path has been indicative of the term wantonly wantrepreneurish.
Endless comparisons? Yep. I compared myself to Tim, Gary V and many others, convinced of my late start in life.
2. Convinced you are behind? You bet. Every day was a mad house as I rushed to recoup all my, “lost” time. I wanted to do everything, learn everything in a day!
3. Continually seeking the Magic Button? Without a doubt. If there was a shortcut app, or new found guru in my inbox, sign me up!
4. Trying to do too much? In the first year I bought 103 domains, and ordered three high dollar entrepreneurial courses, all of which went unused. Getting up and doing the same thing all over again was so important most nights I didn’t even brush my teeth!
Every night I crawled into bed, I had my ten alarms to get me up ludicrous early so I could continue my master, “plan”. But I found out if you need ten alarms to get up, you are probably doing it wrong, and I was. My life was day job, work, eat, get too little sleep, repeat.
After driving myself like this, I had a mental break down.
YEP. I cracked like a plumber doing yoga!
Luckily there was someone to help when I reached out,
Thankfully, today I’m out of treatment and off the meds.
Now I want to help 1000 people accomplish more, be better, and have ten times the amazing experiences I’ve had.
So here are some things I think may help.
To begin with, if you are where I’ve been, i.e.,
continually depressed, or worse near suicidal, then
PLEASE stop reading this and get help.
I’m for real.
Depression damn near killed me a few times,
and in between it turned half my life into a continual hell.
Don’t sufffer through, ignoring.
Ignoring is not going to help.
Entrepreneurs are particularly succeptible to depression.
If this is you, please take care of you.
Next, as you work towards your life dreams, especially if you
are an entrepreneur with big plans, tell everyone you know.
Sharing your struggles and pain points
will inspire and support others as they
seek and achieve their big dreams.
Remember no
successful man is
The last tip is a sure Kryptonite nugget
to the wantreprenurism which threatens to
derail even the best most stupendous app or dream.
Instead of packing thirteen things onto your
daily todo, try something different.
This week, ToDo less, and get more to done.
In fact, I’m saying for one week accomplish only one after work/entrepreneurial thing A DAY.
See, I believe we entrepreneurial minds are alike in how
we have a tendency to race time, and thus commit
more mistakes, leading us to engage in endless
multitasking which has been proven not to work.
You cannot win racing against the ghosts of the successful or personal lingering phantasms. You will constantly lose.
In fact because for all intents and purposes reality is perception,
being so wrapped up in tomorrow, or three days from now,
without ever taking time to perceive what is happening
around you daily, makes you my friend essentially dead.
Dead to life, which is always happening NOW.
So do your one thing everyday for just a week.
Experience what seven whole days of accomplishments,
whether big ‘uns or smaller feels like.
I bet if you will be surprised by how strange it feels not be
in a rush all the time. I know I was.

Reset your I-gotta-do-a-meter, you will be glad you did.
PS. The holidays are especially trying times, if you think someone
is acting a bit down, whether it your boss, friend, or
stranger, it’s always ok to say, “Are you Ok?”
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