Annie Get Your Flame Thrower! Scientists say Zombie Apocalypse Already Here…

by | Dec 28, 2016

Right now stop and look around.
Does anyone seem weird to you? Someone who’s habits
over the last two weeks have changed?
Once they were totally on point, but now, well it
seems like somethin’s a bit off.
You walk by smiling, their head is down,
and you swear they’re avoiding interaction.
Lately their eyes seem a little vacant,
as if their fire had gone out.
What was a well coifed hairstyle is now more stuff it and forget it.
Fingernails which used to be polished and scrubbed are more grungy and chipped.
It’s like they have totally stopped caring.
Is it Meg the odd coffee drinking girl from cube 3?
How many times has she worn that same strawberry
red dress this week?
Not changing clothes like normal people,
dirty fingernails, hair unkempt, forgetting all the social norms..
Heck, yesterday she asked if you would take her beloved cat!
Now that you think about it, she has been changing.
Yep! She’s turning zombie!
The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!!!
Quick get your zombie preparedness kit. Where’s your
nail studded bat, gas up the homemade flame thrower,
sharpen the garden tools..get your runnin shoes..
Well, this could be true.
I mean our nation is about to give the man who would be Trump a presidency, so anything is possible.
But maybe, it’s not Zombieism, maybe it’s means her hippocampus is shrinking.
The hippocampus, you know, that part of your brain which sounds
like your friendly neighborhood, pachyderm ?
Well according to new research, Molecular Science
depression can cause it to shrink.
This would explain the vacant stare, social aversion,
lack of personal care, and her giving away once valued things-
all classic signs of depression.
Considering this, you might wonder how many other office worker bees
might be mistaken for a gathering brain craving zombie herd.
38 million. That’s 1 in 12 in the US alone.
Worldwide the numbers are even more horrific.
So chances are if you are in a mall, school, or pub,
someone within arms reach knows depression intimately.
Other than the aforementioned effects, here’s what the 1 in 12
might be experiencing.
Among other things it can..
make you inconsistent
leave you confused
constantly hinder progress towards the big dreams
sap your energy
put incredible strain on
close relationships.
Plus is you let yourself get too mentally down, in addition to withering
all your social niceties, depression can literally kill you.
Yet, despite all those negatives, many people still choose to suffer
rather than undergo treatment. This can be due to a few factors.
The Security Blanket Effect, high cost (mental or financial) of healthcare,
and of course many feel they are too far gone” for help.
If this sounds like you, then know this, according to the study
persistent recurring depression is what causes the damage.
Just like ignoring Paulie the cat in your fridge, ignoring the illness can have drastic consequences.
The important thing is the shrinkage is reversible.
Yes, luckily just like Trump’s over inflated ego, our
Hippocampus is super regenerative.
So if you think you are depressed, or may have been in the past, it might be a good idea to consider how you are managing it.
My experience as a depression survivor and coach, concurs with the study, it does seem once you’ve been depressed the physical changes to the brain which occur make it likely your depression will return. This is what makes depression such a challenge. This is why it’s so necessary to journal.
Unless you are journaling, tracking your mental state in some clear and accurate way, you will not see your descent from ok, to sorta down, to I wore the same pants three times this week!
Before you are even aware your self medicating mechanisms may have already started. You could over eat, or work yourself to the exclusion of everything else like sleep, food, and companionship.
If you are tracking your mental states, you will see right there, recorded in black and white, which direction your mental state is trending. Knowing how your mental state is trending you can manage your expectations on the low days. More importantly, you’ll be able to consider your day
and be more aware of possible challenging situations.
Knowledge is power after all, right?
Start today and after a week you’ll be surprised at what you learn. After 30+ years of managing my depression, I know this works. You can do this.
Start today.
If you found this article valuable, I ask you to share it to your one friend who best will use it.
Help me bring depression from the shadows, see it’s power wither under the light of understanding and frequent, clear communication.
Thank you for reading.
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