Hi! I’m Bryan Forsythe, and for 38 years I did depression all wrong…

Here I'am depressed and cut off at 24

Here’s┬áme at 24.

That pic was taken a long time ago. We are at a family get together.

Everyone around me is happy eating, chasing the dog, whatever.

Me? I’m trying to act normal. Behind that icy stare my mind is swirling with hopelessness, guilt, and anger. I feel insulated, cut off from life; it’s like my emotions are mis-connected, as if a piece of me is missing.

Now after 30 years, as a depression coach and survivor, I know these are classic signs of depression.
If this sounds familiar, maybe you too are struggling, let me help.

Here are three easy steps you can take today which will help break the cycle of  depression or any other mental challenge.

1. Maintain daily progress toward your big goals, or aspirations. Write them down, and no matter how small they seem, celebrate your wins.

2. Be ok with being human. Share your story your challenges, your triumphs, and your, “mistakes”.

3. Own and track your challenges, mental or otherwise.


Back then normal life felt like balancing on a greased floating log…

Sound familiar?
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I waited for 30 years. You don’t have to.

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