Hi, my name is Bryan Forsythe and for 38 years I did it all wrong.
Trying to “just be happy”.
Sure there were some good days, but mostly
I was just existing living with hopelessness and guilt.

The daily struggle of fighting to maintain this lie, this big secret,
drained my energy and left me in a constant mental fog.
All the emotional turmoil shredded my confidence and self worth,
meaning I settled for low income, “mindless” work.
Need a new head car wash technician? I was your man till I had a bad day. 
Truth is, I had 30 jobs before I was 21.
Low income was one problem, but it was myy lack of self confidence and consistency
which left me scraping the bottom of the barrel in the friendship department.
Turns out real friends want you to show up for get togethers, and parties,
not call out and cancel or worse-just not show up.
And I couldn’t tell anyone what was really going on with me, could I?
Eventually I claimed anyone who seemed even kinda friendly as my new best friend,
and in my search for love I made one bad relationship decision after another. 
I was an emotional, fragile mess.

Then one day I had a mental breakdown, 
was diagnosed with functional depression,
and stress induced PTSD.

For seven months, I was under a doctor’s care and I was prescribed Zoloft.
When I exited the treatment protocol, though it was late May, I made some resolutions.
1. Every day I would remember how lucky I was, and
how close I’d come to giving up on life.
2. I would never ever depend on medicine or doctors to cure me.
3. Rather than ignore it, I would face my illness, study and track it daily.
4. (and most importantly, because keeping my condition a secret-
 just pushing through, and ignoring it had actually left me a 
guilt ridden, isolated, victim)I would 
dedicate my life to helping others, “come out” with the truth of their challenges,
and succeed despite their depression.

To that end, though I’d never done such a thing before, I published 
Crack the Depression Code, an experienced based self help book.

A few months later I did my first public seminar where I shared
my message of hope and possibilty. 

After struggling through a variety of mental challenges
(everything from mild anxiety, to ER level panic attacks, 
and yes even suicidal depression) it was pretty amazing to
be able to see my message help so many.

In a nutshell this is what I believe.

1.  As depressives we must maintain notable, incremental daily progress
towards achieving our big impossible dreams.

2.  We win by committing to own and track our mental challenges.

Yes though it’s difficult, facing, tracking, and understanding any challenge,
especially depression, 
lessens it’s power over you.

How? Let me show you.

Right now, think about a time when things were good,
and then without any real reason(no one died, etc), suddenly  

you didn’t feel like even getting out of bed.
One day the sun is shining, birds are singin,
the next your thoughts were swirling, body hurts, you had
no energy or motivation.
Do you remember one of those times? I do!

Now, do you remember how you felt the day before you crashed?

Or the daybefore that?
Probably not.

To you it probaby just seemed like things were great,
and then without any idea how it happened, you were down, 

This is the why daily tracking is so imporant.
See altered mental states are kinda like wearing tinted glasses.
When you are up cycle, it’s like the tint is barely there, 
everything seems right, and we get used to that “normal” feeling. 

Then when the down spiral starts, 
your mind fills with twisting, circular thoughts.
it’s like the “tint” has turned dark, 

The transistion between light to dark can seem instant, 
it’s like BAM! you are down, and can’t remember why.

But do a good job of tracking and your inner speech,
you’ll be prepared because you’ll see the cyclic nature of your mental cycles.

This is important and powerful personal knowledge for you.

I want to help, so simply click here to download two free tools

You get: 

1. A Mental State Tracker
2. A Mindfulness Tracker

I know this works.

Just do this for one week,
and leave a comment below or email me

[email protected]
to let me know how things are going.

I can’t wait to hear how much better and in control you feel.

I wish you all the best. 

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